Troubleshooting – Problems Encountered and Solutions

Issue 1 – Messed up the controller setup on emulator station

Navigate to home/pi/config/all. Delete config.cfg file. This will make emulator station ask for controller configuration on startup.

Issue 2 – Raspberry pi is not recognizing the USB storage.

Reboot the raspberry pi with the USB plugged in.

Issue 3 – The raspberry pi does not show any games running through composite cable.

The games resolution seems to be needing a resolution higher then the composite cable. Use HDMI cable or change the emulator settings.

Issue 4 – Cannot modify or delete files due to “access denied” error.

Open file as root. This can be compared to administrator in windows OS.

Issue 5 – Controller does not work after configuration.

Reboot the raspberry pi. The raspberry pi will not recognize the configuration until reboot.

Issue 6 – PlayStation controllers and Xbox controllers skip some lines in configuration.

Controllers with analog sticks (joysticks) will make it seem like analog sticks were moved when pressing other buttons. This is common in old controllers but newer controllers rarely have this problem. Use a newer controller or be extra careful when configuring the buttons.


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